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Saturday, April 27, 2013

ETP Heroes: Eric Nilsson

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Sometimes, the only rewards for volunteering are the satisfaction of doing a thankless job well. But sometimes, there is a personal payoff, and it can come in surprising ways. -Harvey Mackay

Eric Nilsson is the Compositor and Contributing Writer for the Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Lamplighter Newsletter.  Eric enjoys the art and science of newspaper layout. 
He has been an IT consultant at the Professional Service Group of New Brunswick and previously worked for North Jersey Media Group (Bergen Evening Record) as a Project Manager and Programmer/Analyst.  Interests include economics, history, and journalism.

Back in late 2008 or January, 2009 I saw a request for volunteers for an online newsletter, sponsored by
Empowering Today's

Professionals.  I had previously composed a newsletter for the Public Service Technology Group of New Brunswick and wanted to bring what I had used to the new newsletter.  For the first issue, there were some writers and only two staffers.  The work entailed editing and composition, even coming up with a name for the newsletter -- Lamplighter.

As the
Lamplighter matured, it and I became more experienced.  There is always something new -- a different way to present an issue, for example -- and I am continuously learning the craft of newsletter composition. Sometimes I write, but I'm still in the process of writing correctly.

I "work" for
Lamplighter because I have a good group with whom to work, and I believe the stories presented to Lamplighter's readers are worthwhile. Eric Nilsson

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