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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lamplighter Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 1 February - March 2013

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From the desk of Aida A. Rodriguez, PMP

Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP) has been blessed by having generous and very capable professionals who have been contributing their time and effort to help their co-professionals manage their career and job search.


In this issue, we are proud to spotlight Michele Battista, who is currently the publicist/agent of Rod Colon Consulting, LLC.  She secures speaking and training opportunities for the firm to “Educate and Empower Students and Professionals Globally to Manage Their Career as a Business.” 
Read more . . .

Jerry Clifford’s
Dealing with Strange” has an interesting take on the strange world of the job market. 
Read more . . .

Barbara Daisak’s
Social Media Tech Tip” gives us valuable LinkedIn and Facebook updates.  Read more . . .

Coach Rod’s Messages:  “Becoming an Internet Search Master is KEY” “The Right Stuff” and “How to Begin to Brand the CEO of ME, Inc.Read more . . .

Laura Cohen and Mitzvah Squad’s Appeal – Please heed Laura’s appeal in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. 
Read more . . .

Aida Rodriguez’ - “Proper Etiquette for Effective Networking” and “Believe in YourselfRead more . . .

Eric Nilsson’s
compilations – (Eric has chosen articles that would greatly help your resume preparation).  Read more . . .
50 Easy Tips for Getting Your Resume Read”, “Finding Commas in All the Wrong Places”, “Misused Words – Common Writing Mistakes” and “The Semicolon and Colon”.

Carl E. Reid’s – “ETP and You to Help VeteransRead more . . .
We hope you will enjoy reading this issue.  Please don’t forget to click our Lamplighter Survey link on page 16.  Read more . . .

From the Lamplighter staff – Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!Read Full Issue of Lamplighter Newsletter

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