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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life Line Support Group Does Virtual Hand Holding

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Beyond business or a job search, have you or someone you know in your network circle experienced personal challenges in the last 12 months? Maybe a family member?

When life gets in the way, we could all use a little support, understanding and even prayer. The Life Line Support Group is a quiet, peaceful place where people can seek guidance, [virtual] hand holding or encouragement to handle curve balls thrown by that famous pitcher called LIFE CHALLENGES. Think of the Life Line Support Group as "A Gentle Pat on the Shoulder", we all need from time to time to get past a LIFE hurdle.

Subscribe FREE to LifeLine Now. You will receive an email. Since this is a double opt in discussion group mailing list, Click on a link in the email to confirm your subscription to the
Life Line Support Group. Once you subscribe to the Life Line Support Group, you can REACH OUT anytime for Life Life Line Support by sending an email to LifeLine@lists.etpnetwork.org.

You can present the name of a person who is sick on the Life Line Support Group or the name of someone who has passed away. You can put yourself on the
Life Line Support Group for clarity on making a decision, for example, or just because you want a blessing in your life. The Life Line Support Group is non-denonminational, but we recognize a higher power or force can be synergized for positive outcomes by group prayer.
You can add the name of a city where there is trouble or a natural disaster, or a situation that could use an extra boost of spiritual support. There is no wrong way to submit a name to the Life Line Support Group.

It is unnecessary to give the reason [problem, situation] for submitting a name on the
Life Line Support Group. The name is enough. The Life Line Support Group will act for the highest good of the person, group, or place being challenged, regardless of the reason.

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